Fil-Am tennis player on being inspired by Kobe’s ‘Mamba Mentality’

LOS ANGELES — Meet Andre Alcantara, a Fil-Am tennis player who not only got to play tennis with Kobe, but he was specifically chosen for a photoshoot to help promote Kobe’s tennis-themed fantasy book, meant to inspire kid athletes.

Fil-Am tennis player and U.S. Open Kidcaster, Andre Alcantara, is among those mourning the loss of their idol NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

When Kobe was getting ready to launch his book “Legacy and the Queen” last year — 12-year-old Andre was one of the young tennis players chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers legend to join him in a photoshoot with tennis superstar and women’s singles champion Naomi Osaka.

The photoshoot happened just a few months ago, in July (2019), and were used in promoting Kobe’s book: legacy and the queen on social media. The tennis-themed “legacy and the queen” is more than just a fantasy book – it has real-life lessons and disciplines that can be useful, especially for athletes like Andre.
It’s a way for Kobe to motivate, inform, and inspire readers.

“When I learned that Kobe had an accident, I was very shocked, I looked at my phone, looked at the news. And I was very sad for him…”

The time he spent playing with Kobe on the tennis court may not be a lot, but it was enough to make a big impact in Andre’s life.

“He inspires me a lot, he gave me very good advice – stay calm, be focused every time, I will miss him.”

Andre hopes to compete at the U.S. Open someday.

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