Fil-Am son talks about losing father to COVID-19

EDISON, NJ — Peter John never even had the chance to hug and kiss his father goodbye.

His father, Peter, died on March 19.

The 59-year old Quezon City native succumbed to an “unknown disease” at the Hackensack Meridian JFK medical center.

It was only after his death when the family found out — he tested positive for COVID-19.

In a tweet that went viral, the young Fil-Am wrote: “He died alone because the hospital restricted all visitors in order to contain the outbreak.”

“I wish I just spent more time with him, you know, I’m a busy person. Because I was busy I just wish, I wish I made up all that time, just talking to him, spending more time, taking vacations together.”

Peter John remembered his father fondly — someone who always put his family and other first, someone with a generous heart.

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