By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

February 27, 2013

VISTA, Calif. The 23- year-old U.S. Marine Kevin Coset charged with the murder of Filipino American Army Reservist Alvin Justine

Bulaoro appeared in court Tuesday afternoon to postpone his arraignment.

Coset is accused of killing Bulaoro, 24, in late December. Bulaoro’s body was found January 3 zipped inside a sleeping bag in his SUV at a Fallbrook shopping center.

Investigators arrested Coset last Friday on murder charges.

Prosecutors added additional charges for Coset, the only person in custody for the crime.

“One of those allegations is that he used a firearm during the course of the act, the other allegation is that he used a knife during the course of the crime,” said Stephen Marquardt, San Diego County Deputy District Attorney, “Any further information regarding the acts and the charges will be flushed out March 11th at the arraignment.”

Bulaoro’s family was present in the courtroom.

Justine’s younger brother John told Balitang America that their family is relieved that detectives have captured a suspect. He admitted it was difficult seeing the suspect for the first time. He also said their family does not know the suspect personally and is unsure of how he knew his slain brother.

Coset remains in custody with no bail. He faces 51 years to life in prison if convicted.

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