Fil-Am soldier killed in Afghanistan hailed a hero

This photo taken last Christmas was the last time Sergeant first class Reymund Transfiguracion was with his five brothers and parents, Maria and Andres.

The 36-year-old, highly-decorated, special forces green beret died on August 12th from wounds he suffered, from an improvised explosive device blast, while conducting a dismounted nighttime raid in Afghanistan.

His older brother, Reydez, spoke exclusively to Balitang America just two days after his brother’s body arrived back home in the island of Hawaii.

Reydez tells us they learned a little bit more about his humble, brave and heroic younger brother.

“According to the person who was closest to him during that moment, he said to the wife and he said something to us that he saved a lot and we didn’t even know cause he’s so quiet, he doesn’t tell us what he does. That’s why he got two purple hearts. We didn’t even know.”

Scott Smith, a brother of one of Transfiguracion’s teammates who set up a Go Fund Me page for his wife and two young children, tells BA a similar story.

Transfiguracion, who was in his fourth deployment, he learned, saved many people the night he was injured.

Reydez says he remembers one particular time that truly defines what kind of man his brother was.

“My truck broke down and I was the only truck in the mountain… I called him, and he was like I’m coming bro, don’t worry I got your back. And that’s just the way he is. He always finds a way. He never quits on you.”

Born in Sarrat Ilocos Norte, Transfiguracion, who moved to the Big Island with his family in 2001, will be laid to rest on September 7th at West Hawaii Veterans Cemetery.

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense says the incident is still under investigation.

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