Fil-Am small business advocate on Trump’s achievements for healthcare, witnessing his State of the Union

WASHINGTON D.C. — Geri Sanchez Aglipay is the Midwest manager for “Small Business Majority” — an organization that advocates for small businesses across the country.

This Fil-Am was among those who came to Capitol to witness first-hand President Donald Trump’s final State of the Union address of his first term.

Aglipay is a constituent of Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and she was invited to be the Congresswoman’s special guest at Tuesday night’s address.

“I invited Geri to join me because she is working hard to protect our care, and specifically to increase the health security of our nation’s entrepreneurs,” said Schakowsky.

“Being at the State of the Union is like an incredible experience; as an American you learn about the 3 branches of government and being in the room, you’re literally seeing all the branches of government all in one room.”

During his speech, President Trump said he would “never let socialism destroy American health care,” a charge that amounted to an attack on plans like Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare For All.”

As a healthcare advocate for small businesses, part of Aglipay’s work is to help improve small business owners’ financial capacity and advocate for affordable healthcare care for everyone.

“We understand that there are challenges to various part of the ACA, we submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, asking for a decision because business owners need to know the decisions to plan, in terms of finding affordable healthcare.”

But the small business majority believes that ACA as the law of the land is still the best way to secure healthcare for everyone – by building upon President Obama’s healthcare act, and expanding access to affordable healthcare will help grow and strenghten small businesses – the backbone of the U.S. economy.

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