Slain Fil-Am's family prods SFPD to investigate case further

By Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

May 8, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – The family and friends of slain 26-year-old Fil-Am Stephen Guillermo voiced out their disappointment to the San Francisco Police Commission last night following the release of his alleged shooter 68-year-old Amisi Kacepha.

“Are you waiting for something to drop out of the sky? What are you going to find out? Don’t you have enough to charge him? If you have enough to charge him, why don’t you have enough to hold him?” Guillermo’s older cousin Emil asked.

Family members and friends took to the podium during the commission’s hearing to describe Guillermo as not the type of man who would pose any harm to Kacepha.

After a drunken night out with friends just past 1 a.m. on Saturday Guillermo reportedly got off on the wrong floor in his apartment building and tried to enter a unit where Kachepa lives.

Thereafter Kachepa, a retired security guard, allegedly shot him to death.

“How is it ok to let the man go with no consequences while my brother is dead and we can’t do anything about it?” Guillermo’s sister Sharmaine said.

Guillermo’s family and friends met with San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr prior to the commission meeting and prodded him to look further into the case.

Kachepa, who surrendered to police after the shooting, has been released.

He has not been charged.

California has a “castle law” that grants justification for deadly force inside a private residence.

Yesterday afternoon, before they attended the police commission hearing, Guillermo’s family and friends also staged a protest outside of the San Francisco Hall of Justice calling for accountability and justice.

Meantime Tess Diaz-Guzman, a neighbor, says she knew Guillermo since he was a boy.

His family had lived in the apartment for 18 years.

He was the family’s breadwinner and was set to graduate from college in June.

“He’s a nice kid. And every time he always greeted me, ‘Hi tita’. Since the dad passed away we were good friends. So I feel bad,” Diaz-Guzman said.

Funeral arrangements are being made for Guillermo but his loved ones say they will not give up until justice is granted in his death.

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  • Pete
    8 May 2014 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    A sad and tragic situation indeed. But, left out of this story is the fact that Guillermo forced his way into Kachepa’s apartment as evidenced by the destroyed door knob on Kachepa’s front door. Kachepa had no way of knowing that Guillermo was at the wrong apartment. All Kachepa knew was that an adult male forced his way into the apartment after 1 AM.