Fil-Am sailor killed in Navy destroyer collision laid to rest

BONITA, CA — With his family dressed in all white, waiting outside of the church doors, the flag-draped casket of fire controlman, 2nd class Carlos Victor Sibayan made its way to the church for his burial.

Sibayan’s shipmates from the USS Fitzgerald served as pall bearers.

The 23-year-old Pasig City-born sailor was among seven casualties last month, when the USS Fitzgerald collided with with a Philippine-flagged cargo ship.

The cause of the early morning collision is still being investigated.

After moving to Southern California, Sibayan joined the Navy four years ago, spending the last 3 years in Japan.

Sibayan, whose father Victor retired from the military earlier this year, was expected to return home this summer.

The fallen sailor’s body was then escorted to the Glenn Abbey Memorial Park.

Despite this tragedy, nothing is stopping the Sibayan family from carrying on their tradition of service.

Carlos’s younger brother, Vince, still plans to eventually enlist.


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  • Mario
    11 July 2017 at 4:39 am - Reply

    The PH Container ship running on auto-pilot, the Pinoy Captain does not even knew that his ship took a 30 minutes U-turn and rammed the center body of USS Fitzgerald. They called it as STATE OF THE ART warship equipped all kinds of early warning devises like; anti-torpedo & submarine, anti-incoming aircraft, anti-missile, biological warning devises and many more. Yet,they failed to detect a mountain size Cargo Container ship. From AM-radio talk show host said;both ships computer were HACKED,the hacker jammed,disable and took control on both ships, now under investigation. The first Trump-Putin G20 meeting both agreed to worked together on CyberSecurity, the message is; there are other countries who had already acquired advance technology on Cyber warfare. They can hacked ships,aircraft,any equipment that carry computer program,elections return and government computers.