Fil-Am runs for city council president re-election, under mayor’s ticket

JERSEY CITY — “The Filipino community has a big voice in city government and I tell you that the progress that I outlined earlier today, wouldn’t happen without the leadership in the Filipino community — because your city council president has done an outstanding job.”

Nearly 3 months before the municipal elections, kababayans came to show their support for the re-election of Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and his Fil-Am council President Rolando Lavarro at this meet and greet fundraiser.

4 years ago, the two candidates promised to make Jersey City the best mid-sized city in the US.

“Not only saying that we support a $15 minimum wage, we went out and said we are not only gonna talk about it, but we’re gonna make sure that we pay our city employees $15 minimum wage — because if we’re gonna advocate it, we’re gonna do it,” said Mayor Steve Fulop.

From affordable housing to raising minimum wage to $15, Mayor Fulop says together, the progress in Jersey City happened with the help members and leaders of the Filipino community.

“I mean really you could see the activity and the change that set specifically around the Filipino community, which is important is that they’ve been a crucial part of our government, whether it’s our Chief Judge Abad or our council president Rolando Lavarro,” he said. “The Filipino community has been a big part of our administration, and we’re proud of that, and we want to keep that going.”

While many of his supporters are hoping Fulop would run for the Democratic nomination for Governor of New Jersey, they say they’re are glad he stayed for re-election.

“We’re gonna work hard, knock on a lot of doors, get our message out there… people know that we wanna continue to the progress to making Jersey City the best mid-sized city in the nation, and continue moving Jersey City forward.”

The 2017 mayoral election will be held on November 7 to elect the Mayor and City Council.

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