Fil-Am restaurants honored in Seattle’s Rising Star Chefs

SEATTLE, WA — The national restaurant industry magazine Starchefs has announced its 2020 class of Seattle Rising Stars.

Out of over one hundred culinary professionals, only twenty were chosen, three being Filipino American establishments, demonstrating the influential impact Filipino cuisine is having on the food industry.”

These three establishments are Archipelago, Musang and Hood Famous Cafe and Bar, with Hood Famous bagging the “Best Concept Award.”

“…They came, they visited us, they, they sat down, heard our story, tasted the food. Um, and I think that they really enjoyed the, the story behind it and the storytelling that we do, um, with our food because we often talk about our food as just a vehicle to share more about our culture and our history.”

The Rising Stars awards program recognizes up-and-coming chefs and hospitality professionals who represent the current American dining scene within their local city.

“it’s really is going to show like how deep and how strong the Filipino community here is in Seattle and how we support each other and just being able to be represented in through very different platforms,” said chef-owner Melissa Miranda.

“We hope to inspire, you know, uh, other chefs and generations that want to also represent their culture, whether it be through food, through art, through performance, whatever it might be,” said Aaron Versoza.

Starchefs has held awards in twenty-three cities and regions around the U.S. since 2003. The class of 2020 marked the sixty-eighth class of rising stars and the fourth from Seattle.

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