Fil-Am Republicans pledge support for President Trump amid impeachment inquiry

All aboard the president’s re-election campaign.

Filipinos members of the Trump victory leadership group have been gearing up for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

On this warm autumn day, a few members joined state political director for Trump, Malcom McGough, on a boat trip along the Southern California coast.

Their high hopes come as the impeachment inquiry against Trump has begun.

“The impeachment to us is just another distraction from the Democrats, it’s almost akin to Russia. Russia, Russia collusion, now its Ukraine impeachment so we’re just taking it in stride and basically waiting for the next big attack and harassment on the president. We look at these accusations they keep throwing and its almost a sense of projection,” said Rachel Gunther.

And they’re not only focused on supporting the president. They are also campaigning for other Republican candidates in California.

“We’ve just looked at this impeachment thing and almost like dismissed it and just working on the campaign. And trying to get him reelected, and we’re very confident that he will…. We’re working hard on congressional candidates, because we feel like we have good quality candidates right now to take back the seats they lost in 2018.”

As these Pinoys enjoy this calm moment, in the coming weeks, They’ll ramp up their campaign which includes social media, and lot of voter engagement efforts.

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  • Mario
    3 October 2019 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    Prez Trump send letter to Pelosi to hold VOTES on Impeachment Inquiry. , said WH will not cooperate until there is a VOTE. Democrat worse problem is they have not even named specific crime committed. House Minority leader McCarthy of California on Thursday sent a formal letter to Nancy Pelosi to suspend the Impeachment INQUIRY investigation until there is vote, then established a transparent and equitable rules and procedures. This will exposed all vulnerable Red-State DEMOCRAT who are running for re-election in 2020. This Dems re-electionist will be force their neck on line in voting in favor of impeachment. Once the GOP identified those Democrat re-electionist, who were in favor to bring down the Prez, the well funded GOP will focus their political campaign to eliminate and defeat those Democrat re-elctionnist. You will expect Trump will come down to hold a political campaign rally.