Fil-Am rapper Nump drops new album honoring Filipino hero, ‘Lapu-Lapu’

Dustin Perfetto — more commonly known as “Nump” — performed with fellow rappers Bambu and Ruby Ibarra during the recent Undiscovered Night Market in San Francisco.

Nump is proud of his Filipino roots — and it’s evident in his new album “Lapu-Lapu” — the hero who led the battle of Mactan in the Philippines in 1521, defeating Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who was killed in the fight.

“Y’all don’t know growing up Lapu-Lapu was the first-ever Filipino hero and I’m just trying to teach that to this new generation that ain’t really up on that because we was raised like that. But, you know, it also represents… Lapu-Lapu stood up for what he believed in, didn’t let no one get in the way of that and he believed in it. And I feel like I represent that. And also, I feel he represents hyphy. He got that energy. When people see me, no joke pare, they gonna say Nump is Lapu-Lapu.”

Nump — who found fame during the 2000’s hyphy movement in the Bay Area — is also on a mission to help up and coming Filipino artists.

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