Fil-Am radio host on Sen. Al Franken’s resignation

Fil-Am radio host Leann Tweeden, the first woman to accuse Minnesota Senator Al Franken of sexual misconduct, reacting on Thursday to Franken’s announcement that he would be resigning from his Senate seat in the coming weeks, with Tweeden saying she never called for his resignation.

In a statement, Tweeden said: “While I do not celebrate Senator Franken’s resignation, we cannot tolerate hypocrisy.”

Last November, Tweeden was the first to come out accusing Franken of sexual misconduct — saying he kissed and groped her without her consent during a USO tour in 2006.

“Yesterday a seventh and an eighth woman spoke out, and even more have reached out to me, but are unwilling to talk to the press,” she continued. “After experiencing many vile and partisan personal attacks on my credibility since I went public, I don’t blame these women one bit.”

In her statement, Tweeden highlighted the 7 other women who have also come forward against Franken, saying, “All our nearly identical experiences show that this was not a one-time failure of judgment on Franken’s part… it was a clear pattern of behavior.”

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