Fil-Am activists denounce violence in nationwide anti-police protests

STANFORD, Calif. – Protesters from coast to coast continue to denounce what they call a failed justice system after two grand juries in Missouri and in New York refused to indict two white police officers in the deaths of unarmed black men.
Hundreds of people staged “die-ins” across the country from grand central station in New York, to a mall in Boulder, Colorado.
While most of the demonstrations were peaceful, the weekend ended with destruction in the Bay Area. Protestors in Oakland and Berkeley vandalized and looted stores. Police responded with tear gas after protestors reportedly threw explosives at officers.  
Filipino-Americans, together with other Asian Pacific Islander students at Stanford University, say they are against violent forms of protests.
But they say dramatic demonstrations such as die-ins and civil disobediences are necessary to call attention to racism and injustice.
“It’s definitely important to stand here in solidarity, us as Filipinos in Stanford even in the Bay Area,” said Ed Salonga of Stanford of PASU. “We face a lot of the same conditions that these unfortunately killed, black, unarmed men face. Not just men – youth, trans, all genders – we face the same issues of systematic oppression, institutionalized racism. It seems like a minor inconvenience for blocking a street for 15 minutes, or a highway for a few minutes, or maybe the noise created by a protest. It pales in comparison to the systematic oppression that we face.”
“And this is all in order to raise awareness about these issues because if we don’t disrupt them then we’re not going to see how this affects our everyday business,” said Katherine Nasol also of PASU.
The students say those who continue the cycle of impunity need to be held accountable especially if they are members of law enforcement.
“We need to make sure we end this culture of letting these people go when they have done wrong toward so many people of color and so many marginalized peoples,” said Nasol.
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  • Delia
    10 December 2014 at 6:48 am - Reply

    The absurdity is that the real racists in America have almost exclusively been found in the Demo-rats Party and the Progressive movement. Hatred isn’t a human instinct. It’s taught. Protestors are sounding off hatred in anger with no right disrespecting the rights of others using destruction in the streets.

    Obama willingly allows himself to be identified with the narrative of the protesters, which is racial hate. What a disgrace! What a farce! What a travesty!