Fil-Am protesters storm Donald Trump’s NorCal speech site


BURLINGAME, Calif. – As delegates begin to pack the Hyatt Regency Hotel for the California GOP 2016 convention, some anti-Republicans welcomed them with protest.

For the next three days, California Republicans will be attending workshops and listening to officials from the Republican party as they explain how they plan to win the White House in November.

Most notable of the speakers will be Republican presidential candidates Governor John Kasich, Senator Ted Cruz and front-runner Donald Trump.

Fil-Ams from the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary said they want the Republican presidential candidates and GOP voters to know they will not stand for racism and the mass deportation of families.

Yvette Felarma of the BAMN Coalition said, “The immigrant communities of California: the Latino/Latina, the Filipino, the Arabs, other Asians, progressive white communities of California are here to make clear that we are the real California and the real America that we stand against the racist and demagogic attacks of Donald Trump and his rhetoric that has become a cover for the far right wing.”

These protesters said both parties are responsible for the country’s broken immigration system, that’s why they’re taking matters in their own hands.

Ronald Cruz of the BAMN Coalition expressed, “We know that there have been a lot of deportations under both parties in the last ten years and so we are here to be the third alternative to say we are fighting on our own defense collectively to make sure there will be no more deportations.”

These Fil-Ams also sent this message to other kababayans who are supporting any of the Republican candidates.  “They’ve internalized their own racism in reality against their own people in their interest that somehow that’s going to better their own economic ambitions but they’re totally…dead…wrong. And if they don’t wake up and realize what they are doing is actually shooting them in the foot well then the movement is going to make that clear one way or another,” pointed out Felarma.

Trump spoke at the convention Friday afternoon while Kasich is scheduled to address the GOP delegates Friday evening.  Cruz, on the other hand, will have a moment before California Republicans Saturday afternoon.


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