Fil-Am politicians, vets weigh in on reports that Russia paid bounties to have U.S. troops killed

These are among the American soldiers still fighting in Afghanistan.

Their safety more in question now because of recent explosive reports that Russia paid bounties to Afghan fighters to kill them.

“I certainly hope that’s not true, but if that is true, then certainly that is absolutely repulsive. It shows that Russians are trying to ally themselves with our adversaries,” said Ron Falconi, Brunswick, Ohio mayor.

The White House on Wednesday said President Donald Trump has now been fully briefed on the alleged Russian plot.

This — after administration officials insisted the commander in chief was not aware of the bounty program.

The New York Times first reported that intelligence officials provided written briefing to Trump as far back as February.

But Trump officials said they didn’t tell Trump because there’s no corroborating evidence to back the reports.

Trump has continued to dismiss the reporting as fake news.

Former assistant security officer in the Navy, Fil-Am Nony Abrajano, told ABS-CBN News, he is skeptical too.

“That is part of the political and the military areas where they are sending out disinformation to their opponents to confuse them and also to give the other side some kind of understanding how the other side reacts.”

Republican lawmakers who have been briefed on the report confirmed that it exists but said it needs further review.

“If there’s any truth about it, then immediately he has to take action and warn Russia to stop and sanction Russia about what they have been doing.”

Fil-Am Gina Ortiz Jones who’s running for a congressional seat in Texas, was an intelligence officer who served in Iraq.

On social media, Jones said, the 86 hundred service members in Afghanistan deserve leaders who will keep them safe.

For his part, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the U.S. has handled the reported intelligence on the Russian bounty — correctly in terms of protecting U.S. troops.

Pompeo though did not explicitly confirm the intelligence.

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