Fil-Am political leaders criticize Trump’s move to end DACA

Filipino Americans are among the number of elected officials issuing statements in response to the Trump administration’s landmark move rescinding the DACA program.

Speaking in front of a group of California legislators on Tuesday, Assemblyman Rob Bonta — the first Filipino elected to the state assembly — condemned the decision to end DACA, calling it “cruel, heartless, and morally bankrupt.”

“Our dreamers belong here and we’re going to stand up for them and protect them and defend them with everything that we have here in California,” he said.

On Monday, Utah’s attorney general Fil-Am Republican Sean Reyes also issued a statement regarding the DACA program. Reyes urged

Reyes urged Congress to pass legislation providing a path for Dreamers, saying that it “is unconscionable to deport a young person who came to this country as a child, or even infant without any choice of their own. These kids are our kids too. They grew up next door to you and me, played on the little league teams we coached, went to school with our children, worked in local businesses, and by and large, they are leading productive lives contributing to our economy and the strength of America.”

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    7 September 2017 at 10:46 pm - Reply

    In order to polish his coins, uncle Rob would need to come up with some pretty slick move by nosing into the hot topic such as DACA, All that uncle Bob needed to do is to tell illegal immigrants what they want to hear, he’ll get enough support to win, then forget everything. Like President Obama once said, nothing can be done overnight. Of course, it’s got to be Congress fault???