Fil-Am political expert weighs in on the impacts of Mueller’s congressional testimony

MANHATTAN — While millions of Americans go about their daily lives, lawmakers in Capitol Hill are mulling over what to do next — following the dual congressional testimony of former FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller on his probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and the Trump campaign’s involvement.

Some political experts said Democrats — who expected that Mueller would say more than what was in his report — may not have gotten the bombshell testimony they were hoping for.

Fil-Am political consultant Cheryl Quinio Blodgett said Mueller clarifies two important facts which present winning arguments for both President Donald Trump and the Democrats.

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  • Mario
    27 July 2019 at 4:06 am - Reply

    The Dems lose the 2016 election,to justify defeat,they blamed Russia helping Trump to win the election, harassment continue, expecting Trump will resigned after 6 months, but Trump continue to MAGA. Then Mueller Investigation started, after 2 years $40M spent the result is NO Collusion, Dems were devastated, thinking HClinton will become the Legal President.Then repeat performance on Mueller this week,said GAME CHANGER hoping he will change his report. More embarrassment, CASE is CLOSED. Democrat are divided into 3 Groups, the SOCIALIST Group, called SQUAD, the Socialist/Communist media supported them and took over the DEMS Party power from Pelosi, then the NADLER Group who want impeachment only thinking to have Free Youtube Screening because most of them are running for re-election. But PELOSI Group, said NO,it will backfire into the Dems Party if they go to impeachment. Remember; Trump needs 18 GOP to control the House, 28 DEMS are running for re-election,came from STATE that TRUMP won easily. DEMS its too late to unite, start working, voters are fed up, produce something for the good of the country and you will be remembered before you go.