Fil-Am political expert says provision banning Philippine officials involved in De Lima’s detention may not be executed

With Christmas supposed to be the time of giving and forgiving, what’s been sent back and forth from the camp of Philippine President Duterte and his critics in the Senate has not been of the pleasant kind.

It has caused some confusion now with President Trump signing that spending bill with the human rights provision that details banning Philippine officials involved in the detention of Philippine Sen. Leila de Lima.

Some have wondered — since Trump is an ally of Duterte, what gives?

Filipino American political analyst from the Golden Gate University, Jay Gonzalez, feels that this issue just slipped through the cracks and under the noses of a Trump administration — which has 100% of their focus and energy on the impeachment trial.

And when the time comes for the U.S. State Department to scrutinize the details, it just may be watered down and not even implemented in full.

Gonzalez can’t even fathom the possibility that President Trump would allow Duterte’s name be on the list of banned officials, as that would make this a massive issue.

In the end, Gonzalez sees this as the last attempt of Sen. Leahy and Durbin to ruffle the feathers of the Duterte administration, if they want to create more pressure and havoc, they just may not have the support to pass anything with more teeth in both houses of Congress.

With the impeachment of Trump all about his foreign relations, Gonzalez ends that it is highly unlikely sec Pompeo and the White House would let this issue get any bigger, and this may be the end of the line for the supporters of Sen. De Lima in the Senate to make any headway with the pressure they want to send to the Duterte administration.

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    3 January 2020 at 2:45 am - Reply

    According to Doctor William Gener-Med Acob (Aquino critic based in New York), the biggest problem of the Philippine Liberal Party “Yellowish Cult” like Senator Leila De Lima is that she has defacated but still squirting wet ones around. When Tita Leila is out running loose, she’ll never stop talking smack, but now that she is locked up, she is crying a thousand river adding human rights and extra judicial killing in between the lines. Is it about her being a critic of President Duterte that she was imprisoned for just that? I think that amateur media outlets like ABS-CBN, Rappler, Philippine Daily Inquirer, etc. all think that Filipinos are dumber than squirrels when it comes to knowing the facts regarding Tita Leila. According to Tiglao (2018), Tita Leila is currently facing serious and credible drug charges. Of all people, it had to be the “Do Nothing” Democrats accepting unverifiable information (rebirth of Aunt Nancy’s Witch Hunt) from someone who is detained..?