Fil-Am political expert says a Trump-Clinton showdown imminent

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has moved closer to winning her party’s nomination.  And her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, has done the same.

Filipino American political expert Professor Jay Gonzalez of Golden Gate University sees a big potential for a Clinton-Trump showdown in the end.

On the Democratic side, Gonzalez said it’s a no-brainer Clinton will bag the nomination.  He explained, “In the core of the party are super delegates and 99 percent of the superdelegates – these are the senators, the congressmen, the party leaders, have already put their vote to Clinton. The core of the party, the hardcore party members, have already said she is our candidate.”

On the Republican side, he said Trump, although dominant, may still be defeated if his opponents consolidate their delegate support and come together to defeat the billionaire businessman. “If the four who are currently behind him come together, of course you will be able to upstage Trump,” said Gonzalez.

But Gonzalez said, for now, it’s unlikely for any of Trump’s closest rivals to give up their political ambitions, although there have been talks of consolidating supporters between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Gonzalez cited, “Cruz has suggested that to Rubio but Rubio is not interested. I think he’s waiting for Florida.”

Gonzalez said it’s understandable that the Republican party is concerned of a Trump nomination, because in the end, he doesn’t see Trump beating Clinton.

He reasoned, “Trump represents an extreme in the party. Hillary Clinton represents more towards the center who can bring Independents and some Republicans towards her. Trump is attracting the extreme right in the party. He will continue to be flamboyant and boisterous about his chances of winning but numerically, at the very end, it will boil down to that electoral college vote. And Hillary Clinton will definitely have the advantage.”

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