Pixar storyboard animator Bobby Rubio on short-film “Float,” Pinoy representation, and expressing pride in his work

There’s a Filipino behind the scenes, a huge part of the Toy Story franchise.

Bobby Rubio was given the chance to be part of the flagship project of Pixar, as he was given the role of storyboard animator. He says after giving the chance to draw a Buzz and Woody, he’s amazed with happens with his creations when the animators bring it to life.

Rubio is just one of 50 Filipinos working at Pixar, and they formally banded together and called themselves the Pixnoys.

Rubio couldn’t be prouder to represent his heritage.

“I’m very proud of representing Pixnoys and Filipino people. I wear this with pride. I know there’s so many talented people in Philippines and I know we have so many stories to tell. And me as a storyteller is trying to bring some of that to Pixar and represent us in the best possible way that I can..”

This year, Rubio was given a golden opportunity to take the lead and direct his own short film entitled Float, coming out this November.

“It was amazing because it’s a story about myself and it’s based off my relationship with myself and my son. OK. And so when I was doing it I was told You should probably make him Filipino because it’s your story. And I was so impressed by Pixar who allowed me to do that. And this is being the first that I know of Filipino digital characters actually an actual lead characters. And so that’s amazing to me because I don’t see bunch of Filipino representation out there in the pop culture.”

His advice to young artists: “I say to keep going, and I know where you’re from it might seem like a distant distant thing that you can’t touch. But you can. I mean if I could do it, I’m just a kid from San Diego. I didn’t even. I just wanted to draw comic books and to then come to here to Pixar and create stories that will be seen throughout the world. It’s so impactful. I just tell you it’s not out of reach. Just keep plugging away. Keep doing it keep moving forward.”

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  • Angie M Canlas
    21 June 2019 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    Proud to be PINOY! Congratulations Bobby Rubio!