Fil-Am pastor among Trump’s Asian Pacific American advisory committee

by Don Tagala, ABS-CBN News


WASHINGTON DC — The candidate Pastor Herman Martir voted for last November is now the 45th president of the United States.

Pastor Martir first met the Donald Trump just a few months after he declared that he will be seeking for the highest office of the land.

“We went to his office and we prayed — I prayed with him, and I asked him why he was running for president,” Martir told BA. He said it’s because he loves this country, and wants to make this country great again.”

That’s how the Filipino pastor started campaigning for the TV star and business mogul, turned leader of the free world.

He joined Trump in a number of campaign stops, including participating as a panelist at a Sean Hannity townhall with Trump last September.

Martir says he’s seen a different side of Trump, away from the public eye, and believes he will be great for the hard-working Filipino American.

“He believes that we are hardworking people, and he rewards hardworking people,” Martir said. “I believe that if we give him a chance, as Filipinos…. we are a perfect fit. He believes in us Asian Americans, because we are the second biggest taxpayers in the nation.”

Having his foot in the door as Trump’s spiritual compass and friend, Pastor Martir promises to advocate for issues that would impact Filipino Americans, particularly immigration.

Pastor Martir is among Trump’s Asian Pacific American advisory committee — which includes Fil-Am Republicans such as former Ohio congressman Steve Austria, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, Ohio Mayor Ron Falconi, and Virginia delegate Ron Villanueva.



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