Fil-Am organizations take part in Women’s March


by Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN News


SAN FRANCISCO – Founder and CEO of the Filipina Women’s Network, Marily Mondejar, was resolute.

It was going to take more than a little rain to stop her and her group from representing the Filipino community at the women’s march in San Francisco.

“This is a call to all Filipino women, and all Filipinos to support our community, because who else will do it for us if we won’t do it ourselves,” said Mondejar.

These kababayans joined the thousands of people who braved the weather to walk the 1.5 miles through downtown San Francisco over the weekend.

The march was one of the many women’s marches that occurred throughout the US and around the world.

Mondejar says that while Donald Trump has officially been sworn into office, Fil-Ams must pull together resources to protect the programs of the Obama administration.

“We are going to be very vigilant for any of the laws that are going to be overturned or repealed by this new administration, for example, DACA.”

Fil-Am activists also joined in the march to protect the interests of the Philippines.

“We need to defend the Philippines against the potential increasingly aggressive behavior from the Trump regime, who tries to back up his position on China, as the ‘boogie man’ of the Asian Pacific,” said Rhonda Ramiro, from Bayan USA. “As he tries to strengthen US imperialism’s foothold in the Asian Pacific, to protect his corporate interests.”

Rather than division, participants found unity in the women’s march.

“Folks always say, ‘what difference will a protest make? What difference will a rally make?’,” said Jeannel Poyaoan, a student from San Francisco State University.

“In all actuality, it makes a huge difference. We may not be able to stop Trump’s inauguration, but we’re being able to unite as a community. We’re being able to make a stance for the betterment of all our people.”

Some say, the Women’s March won’t be the only form of resistance the Trump administration can expect.

Ever since he won the election this past November, Fil-Am organizations in the Bay Area have been planning ways of how to fight future Trump administration decisions that could negatively affect them.


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    26 January 2017 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    Fil-Am Organizations is a brunch of clowns, look bananas get with it, we Americans just hate when people don’t believe in our new president. You Filipinos better watch-out, we Americans don’t want you all in our country, go back were all of you belong in Philippines. Try do what all you dummy did to president Trump in the Philippines, I believe all of you would be shot dead, by the Philippines president. So think before you all do something dumb in my country before you all get “HURT.”