Fil-Am nurses join union support for Sen. Sanders’ single-payer health care system

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Senator Bernie Sanders reconnected with the California Nurses Union in San Francisco this past weekend — to rally support for his recently introduced “Medicare For All” Act.
It was a sea of red, as nurses from the California Nurses Association or CNA filled Yerba Buena Gardens to hear from the junior senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

The CNA was one of the first major unions to endorse Sanders during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Despite his unsuccessful campaign, nurses continue to support Sanders and his causes.

More recently, they have rallied behind him as he pushes for a single-payer health care system that would expand Medicare to everyone.

“For decades, great Americans from FDR to John F. Kennedy, to others have talked about healthcare as a right. After decades of talk now is the time to get it done,” Sanders said

Sanders’ single payer bill is continuing to gain popularity among notable democrats and the American people.

“Not only do we have 16 co-sponsors in the Senate, a whole lot of co-sponsors in the House — in addition, every poll that I have seen indicates more and more Americans support a Medicare for all, single payer program.”

According to a survey from the Economist-YouGov, the majority of Americans support “expanding mMdicare to provide health insurance to every Aamerican.”

A poll from morning consult-politico showed that a plurality of voters support single payer health care.”

These Fil-Am nurses say senator Sanders echoes their values to provide quality care to their patients.

“Our employers are all for the bottom line, and Sen. Sanders will do everything in his power to pass legislation that would protect the people of America, and also support the nurses who do the work,” said Zenei Cortez, the Pres. of the Cal Nurses Assoc.

“It is not sustainable, the current healthcare we have. It is not healthcare. It’s insurance coverage,” said Michelle Gutierrez. “And more and more this insurance coverage is not covering anything.”

Sanders praised Arizona senator John McCain for announcing that he would not vote for the Graham-Cassidy bill — the latest Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The nurses join Sanders in denouncing any bill that would leave any number of Americans without health coverage.

“Healthcare is a human right and not a privilege. And that’s what we live for,” said Gutierrez.

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  • Mario
    27 September 2017 at 1:57 am - Reply

    The Republican Graham-Cassidy Bill attempted to repeal and replace Obamacare already(DUA) dead upon arrival at the Congress.The Dems designed Obamacare to go to a Single payer thinking that HClinton would win the election. It is expected that on 2018, Obamacare premium will rise to the roof, insured payers could not afford to pay anymore, they can not drop out, under Obamacare; IRS will penalized them. Insurance providers will quit, reason is they are not making profit, therefore Obamacare will fall by itself. The Democrat will be blame come 2018 November election and Trump said he might gain 5-6 GOP Congressional seats from the Dems. Single-Payer healthcare is a Socialist agenda. American are not ready on Socialism, they believe on Capitalism, which is more Insurance competition will bring down the premium. Hillary still believed she is the best candidate and will win on 2020 against Trump, this time Sanders learned from his own mistakes, which is “Never make a deal with the devil” If he is not nominated, he will run Independent.