Fil-Am New Yorkers react to Mike Bloomberg’s presidential bid

MANHATTAN, NY — While other Democratic candidates are crisscrossing South Carolina, getting ready for the next primary on Saturday, billionaire businessman Mike Bloomberg, skipping the first nominating contests continues his focus on winning some, if not most of the 1357 delegates on Super Tuesday, March 3, when 16 states will hold primary elections.

Marilyn Abalos, who has lived in Queens for many years, likes how Bloomberg ran New York City as its mayor for 11 years.

She believes Bloomberg has what it takes to reach different voters, including Asian Americans.

“The others are just a little bit divisive, or are too far to the left as they say and others just don’t have the numbers.”

But Abalos admitted Bloomberg has some work to do if he wants to be the Democratic presidential nominee, especially after the last Democratic presidential debate.

A Morning Consult poll conducted the day after Bloomberg’s debate debut last week showed that his weak performance on the Las Vegas stage cost him some votes.

From 20 percent of Democratic voters choosing him as their first choice down to 17 percent.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is leading among the candidates.

Policy aide Marian Guerra said it would be hard for many New Yorkers to see Bloomberg as a unifying candidate.

“He’s somebody who really touted stop and frisk and you see that really take prominence on a lot of conversations about who Mayor Bloomberg is, what he championed as a mayor and whether or not he’d be the best person to unite a broad swath of voters including Black, Latinos and Asian voters to beat Trump and he is not that person.”

“I should have acted sooner and faster to stop it. And for that, I have apologized.”

Other Filipino New Yorkers, meanwhile, are more open-minded when it comes to Bloomberg.

“aA long as you know what to do for the other people not just for yourself.”

Bloomberg has to face off with the other candidates on the debate stage one more time before Super Tuesday. Abalos said she’s confident he’ll do better.

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