Fil-Am mom shares tips on how to keep kids productive in quarantine

SAN FRANCISCO — Like millions of families in the Filipina American entrepreneur Paloma Concordia has been under shelter-in-place orders with her family for the third straight week, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She and her husband Artnelson have been homeschooling their three boys, one aged 7, and a set of twins aged 6.

They implement a curriculum based on schedule.

“I didn’t make that one. It was something that was shared with us. And so I wanted to share that. But that did kind of kick off this idea of like, well, how can we help people? I knew I wanted a schedule. I know a schedule is gonna help the kids and help us stay sane. The schedule helps with transition so they know what’s gonna happen next. And that eases like, being you know, having whiny kids or tantrums and stuff like that. It can but it doesn’t always work.”

“They know what a virus is, like, you know, that’s kind of part of this homeschooling thing is like, this is a learning opportunity. They’re learning about their bodies and what viruses are. Where did these viruses come from? Why is this happening? What causes this kind of virus? So those are all things that we can actually talk about and learn together.” 

As the founder of Papalodown Agency, a boutique public relations company, Concordia has integrated the hustling mindset to how she deals with the lockdown.

She developed “Homeschool Hustle” — which sets basic benchmarks to achieve and ways to do so.

  • Find a rhythm/schedule that works for your family
  • Teach with your family’s values
  • Set learning goals
  • Have fun with your kids!

Concordia has also allowed her children to leave the house — but they follow guidelines to keep a safe distance.

“So we’re just staying in our neighborhood. We have a backyard. We have that privilege of having outdoor space in our home and the kids, we actually live close to a public school so the parking lots are empty and so the kids can ride their bikes around there. Which is nice, too.”

With the shelter in place order extended through April 30 — Concordia plans to keep her kids physically active by enrolling them in virtual defense classes with Eskabo Daan, a Filipino martial arts school.

For more information about the “Homeschool Hustle” visit

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