Fil-Am MMA headliner to fight for Flyweight Championship belt at UFC 178

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Sept. 26, 2014

LAS VEGAS – His name is all over Las Vegas billboards as he headlines this week’s UFC 178.

Fil-Am MMA fighter Chris Cariaso will slug it out on Saturday against Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson.

Chris Vincent “Kamikaze” Cariaso is half Pinoy because his dad is a full blooded Filipino. Cariaso is proud of his Filipino descent.

“It’s a great honor to be headlining this event,” said Cariaso. “This is something I worked forever, since I am young, so to be on this event is a dream come true.”

Cariaso recalls how this Pinay lola used coconut husk in cleaning around their house – a fond memory of his Pinoy culture carved in his mind during his childhood.

“I just remember my lola, she took care of us until we are about ten-years-old,” recalled Cariaso. “So ever since I was a baby until I was ten-years-old I remember my lola cleaning the floor, running around with the coconut husk. It was pretty funny. I kinda miss her.”

And his favorite dish?

“Adobo is my favorite,” said Cariaso. “Right now I’m not eating a lot of rice, but after this fight I will be eating a lot of rice.”

Thirty-three year old Cariaso started fighting in the UFC in 2011. He now ranks number eight among the roster of UFC Flyweights.

“It’s the best place to be,” said the MMA fighter. “This is the number one organization in the world to be a part of. The number one organization in the world is awesome.”

The World Flyweight Championship will take place this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and will air via satellite on Balls Channel on Sunday, Sept. 28., starting at 10:30 a.m. and on Oct. 5, 9:30 p.m. on ABS-CBN Sports and Action.

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