Fil-Am MC making his city better with gift rapping

TAMPA, Fla. – It’s turning out to be a great year for Filipino-American hip hop artist MC Rocko Stedy.

MC Rocko Stedy Narvios, 28, is known as Houston’s “Gift Rapper.”

His game is to inspire positivity in the world.

His latest album #DoBetterCity is a campaign to make his hometown of Houston, Texas as the most positive place in the world.

“I believe that positivity is contagious,” said Narvios. “I believe that’s the only way to live, to be able to substantially grow, you know, evolve into a happier lifestyle.”

In four days, #DoBetterCity sold 2,016 copies in early 2016.

Rocko said he even sent this selling record to the Guinness Book of World Records for consideration as the biggest number of records sold by an independent artist at a pricey $35–that’s $70,560 in four days.

But before he made it big in Houston, he hit rock bottom four years ago.

“Hip hop guided me down the wrong path at one point in my life,” he said. “I was doing all sorts of crazy things you know, gangs, drugs.”

He weighed a heavy 275 pounds, smoked two packs of cigarettes, drank every day and was depressed.

“I lost everything–fiancé, I was in incredible debt–I just didn’t know what to do,” he said. “I lost my home and I lived out of my car for two years.”

While living in his car, he had the opportunity to turn his life around through positive hip hop music. He invested whatever was left of his savings to pay for a studio to record his very first album, “Pride of Place.”

“As a hip hop artist, I can take my words, spit my lyrics, rap,” he said. “I can actually rap what I want into my life. I can create a better future for myself, so hip hop saved my life.”

Success followed Narvios’ change in life. He sold more than 5,000 copies of his debut album, was able to pay off his debt, bought his first home, increased the quality of his life and created his own music business called “Gift Rapping.”

MC Rocko also creates original theme songs for companies like Wells Fargo and Samsung. He said he translates a company’s mission and vision into song.

“Here I am today, and nobody can take that away from me,” he said. “Sometimes your ego gets big but you remember the moments that you’re in a car, it brings you back down to earth and it grounds you so it keeps me humble.”

His goal is to sell 10,000 records and share the positivity and love around the world while making at least $350,000 this year.

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