Fil-Am mayor not keen on seeing the National Guard in his Bergenfield, New Jersey town

NEW JERSEY — Amid the ongoing unrest and violent protests across the country that call for an end to police brutality, at least 23 states and Washington D.C. have activated the National Guard.

More than 17,000 members of the National Guard are standing by to support local law enforcement.

President Trump, who has called on mayors and governors to do what it takes to defend the life and property of their residents, have already threatened to deploy the U.S. military to quickly solve the problem for states dealing with violent protests.

“We do not need nor do we think it’s wise for the National Guard to be in NYC nor any armed forces, I want to tell you why this is really important we have this out right now. If someone needs a history lesson when outside armed forces go into communities… no good comes of it,” said NY Mayor Bill De Blasio.

Fil-Am Mayor Arvin Amatorio is also not keen on seeing the National Guard in his New Jersey town.

“That is a very strong act, unless there is a possibility of terrorism or violence. You know I wouldn’t do that.”

Protests across New Jersey have relatively been peaceful in contrast to the two big cities — New York and Philadelphia – bordering the garden state.

Amatorio, like many local officials, are bracing for the worst. Bergenfield residents are planning to hold a protest this weekend.

“I’m just worried that few people who want to instigate and who want to start violence will tip the balance and make our peaceful community chaotic. That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”

Meanwhile, Fil-Am San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg had to place his Texas town under curfew orders this weekend after riots erupted.

“Clearly racism in America is an underlying condition, which makes the criminal justice system deadly for communities of color, reform is the only cure.”

For Amatorio, he said the way to move forward is through local efforts first.

“We plan to have a dialogue along with different members of the clergy, different members of the community, so that if they have concerns and they have questions or issues, even if they want to feel reassured, the police and our administration will be there to make sure the community feels safe and secure.”

An effort that might already be too late in some places.

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