Fil-Am Mary Ryelle Espiritu wins Miss Globe 2016

by Fleur Magbanua-Mansur, ABS-CBN News


PHOENIX, AZ — A 21-year-old Filipina-American beauty queen, Mary Ryelle Espiritu, won this year’s Miss Globe title at the international pageant held in the Dominican Republic.

Espiritu, from Arizona, represented the United States in the contest, and credits her win to faith, support from her family and friends.

“Backstage whenever I had nerves, I would always go to God, and pray to him to calm my nerves,” Espiritu shared. “And also the support of my family — having my dad, my mom and my sister to come on this trip with me was a huge help,

Confusion surrounds her recent victory as there are now two Miss Globe winners from separate pageants — one in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, where Espiritu was crowned; and the other in Albania, where India’s Dimple Patel took home the title.

“I definitely want to congratulate her. A winner is a winner, and I’m just so happy to be Miss Globe and her to be Miss Globe,” Espiritu said of the dual title-holder situation.

 Teresa Gosiengfiao-Espiritu, Ryelle’s mother, couldn’t be more proud of her despite the countrovery surrounding both pageants. She said she doesn’t mind if there are two title holders. 

“Sometimes, you cannot say anything… negative things. I think we just need to think about positive things about that,” said Mrs. Espiritu.

“Both of them deserve the title,” said Gene Flores, Miss Arizona Supranational and Mutya Ng Pilipinas pageant director. “Miss Albania Pageant, and then the Miss Dominican Republic pageant, were actually one before. And it looks like they separated the owners.

Sharing the Miss Globe title will not stop Espiritu from her studies and year of service, as a pre-med student at Grand Canyon University. Her goal is to study medicine and help victims of calamity.

“I’m planning to become a cardiologist in the future. And that’s what I really want, to plan on doing different medical missions across the globe,” Espiritu said.

Despite the issues on her crown, the 21-year-old Filipina is keeping her head held high. She said she is content and ready to fulfill her role as the 43rd Miss Globe winner.


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