Fil-Am makes light of Florida hurricane weather with dancing and a fundraiser

CORAL GABLES, FL — Three days after Hurricane Irma left south Florida, the community of Coral Gables is still reeling and cleaning up Irma’s mess.

This family is still without power – and their generator can’t power up the AC to keep them cool in the 9o-degree Florida weather.

“It’s like sweltering hot in here, it’s like an oven,” said Jordan Manlunas Wong. “I’m just hoping for the AC back; otherwise I think we’ll survive…”

The Wong family are among those Floridians who rode out the storm in their hurricane proof home with impact windows.

Jordan made light of the situation with a hurricane rain dance, not knowing that playing under the rain is a childhood thing in the Philippines.

The Filipino whiz kid, who creates robots and puts together his own computer for fun, says  that what Filipino kids go through in some shelters in the Philippines is nothing compared to these small inconveniences he encounters living in the south.

That’s why he created the “Aid to Antipolo” through an organization called Joshua’s Heart.

In his first venture in fundraising, the 17-year-old Fil-Am raised $5,500 to benefit Kanlungan ng Kabataan Village, or KKV.

“We learned that they didn’t have any food, they were low on supplies and they needed a lot of help, so I envisioned this project to give them that supplemental food that they needed.”

KKV is a shelter for children that serves approximately 60 kids on a 60 pesos, or $1.20 a day, meal program per child.

At a young age of 17, Wong says, he already recognizes the amount of privilege and opportunity he has compared to his counterparts in the Philippines.

“I’m Filipino, my mom was from the Philippines; I’m almost as much Filipino as all these people in the Philippines — but they just weren’t as lucky as I did,” he said. “They didn’t have the same opportunity as I have. I have a responsibility to help out these people.”

Jordan hopes that his community recovers soon from Hurricane Irma, so he could get back to work, raising more funds to help the children of KKV.

“Salamat po to everyone who helped my project and to everybody watching this video…”

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