LGBTQ+ advocates cry foul over alleged discrimination of a transgender Pinay in the Philippines

NEW YORK — Gretchen Custodio Diez, a transgender Pinay from the Philippines, only wanted to use the restroom that she that corresponds to the gender she identifies with: the women’s restroom.

But at the farmer’s mall in Cubao, Quezon City — a female janitor allegedly stopped her.

So using her smartphone, Diez began recording the predicament she was in.

She said the female janitor demanded that she use the men’s restroom instead.

She also said in the video that’s been seen by at least a million viewers after she posted it on FB, that she slapped, dragged and eventually handcuffed and detained by the mall security.

“I identify myself as a woman, so dapat karapatan kong gumamit ng female washroom.”

This horrific ordeal has caused uproar among the LGBTQ+ community here in the U.S.

Transgender rights activist and playboy playmate of the month Geena Rocero is among those who saw and shared Custodio Diez’s viral video.

“It’s really a simple fact, we saw on the video how she was really treated badly and horribly, like a subhuman, like this is a human being…”

“There is supposed to be an ordinance that protects LGBT people and trans women but the sad thing is it seems to be just in paper, and not put in practice,” said Ara Maristela.

Trans Pinay Bianca Castro, also known as Jiggly Caliente on RuPaul’s Drag Race and Pose season 1 and 2, said that what happened to Custodio shows that the fight for equal rights should continue.

“We feel like we’re making strides, but we’re really not, people need to wake up and realize that the fight isn’t over, not to get complacent, be vigilant and to make sure our voices are heard.”

On a Facebook post, Diez said that she is looking at legal options she can take – and will send another update once a case has been filed by her “legal team”

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    16 August 2019 at 2:32 am - Reply

    According to Parkos (2019), in today’s modern day cultural Marxism, the apparent oppressed are the minorities, women, LGBTQIA, Muslims, etc. And the LGBTQIA community, feminist, and various “activist” factions are the new proletariat…the dictators, and the “goal”of this dictatorship is to DESTROY traditional western values…including Filipino values…it is natural for the “Elites”, in this case the radical-left winged Democrats and their media supporters…in the Philippines, the “Liberal” left winged yellow cult will jump on board in an attempt to gain power and influence by using the so-called oppressed (e.g. Riza Hontiveros is attempting to pass new laws trying to accommodate LGBTQIA by changing bathroom signs..?

    According to Petron (2019), the Democrats are using the LGBTQIA to obtain more political power. Accusations of discrimination in American society is easy but hard to erase. Petron added, the LGBTQIA are the useful idiots in the struggle of Cultural Marxism to carpet bomb the conservatives voter base to annihilation.

    The claim about human rights when it comes to changing bathroom signs to accommodate the LGBTQIA is very selfish and shallow, says Erik Ericksen (Security Officer). The traditional bathroom signs have always accommodated every human being in the manner they always deserved, it was not until someone decided something different and they have to be right about it?