Fil-Am led political movement urges Democrats to push through with President Trump impeachment efforts

BERKELEY, CA — The movement “By any means necessary” — better known as “BAMN” — says that every day Donald Trump is in office is a threat to democracy and people of color.

BAMN cites the conditions refugees and asylum seekers face at the detention centers as specific examples of racism and xenophobia — calling them modern-day concentration camps.

“The concentration camps on us soil in the 21st century is an abomination, is a total affront to history. These are criminal actions that are being conducted by the Trump administration that are thoroughly and completely racists and bigoted from start to finish,” says Yvette Felarca.

Filipina American Yvette Felarca is calling out the entire democratic party to begin impeachment proceedings.

Despite speaker Nancy Pelosi saying they simply do not have the numbers, Felarca cites the impeachment inquiry of former President Richard Nixon as proof that it can still be possible.

“Once they moved to actually start the impeachment inquiry the support for Nixon amongst the Republicans dropped. Not because they care about democracy or crimes but because once the impeachment inquiries begins all bets are off. All the dirt and crimes of other republicans also are in danger of getting aired out.”

The undocumented community continues to be on high alert for possible ICE raids.

BAMN encourages allies to physically get involved if they see one occur in their area.

“Once you have adequate numbers and a physical presence there then everyone should surround the ICE vans so they can’t drive away. Also surround the immigrants that are being taken away,” said Stephanie Gutierrez. And we’re not asking anyone to get into a physical altercation with ice but when the numbers are there we can be a physical barrier and ice will not pass that.”

Meanwhile, Felarca will be facing a court hearing later this month for 2016 assault charges during a clash between neo-Nazi’s and counter-protesters at the state capitol in Sacramento.

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