Fil-Am leaders weigh in on Clinton, Rubio presidential bids

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Filipino American representatives of the Democrat and Republican parties offer insights into what Hillary Clinton’s and Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential bids mean for the Fil-Am community.  National Chair for US Pinoys for Good Governance Loida Nicolas Lewis joined Balitang America by telephone to speak on behalf of Pinoy Democratic supporters. While Rudy Ascercion, president of the group Fil-Am Republicans, participated in-studio representing Pinoy supporters of the GOP.



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  • Mario
    14 April 2015 at 4:19 am - Reply

    Rubio, good Latino-Cuban candidate,for me,too young & not ready, he can not raise Huge amount of campaign money.Obama defeated Hillary, because she known as a horrible First Lady and a Liar(sniper fire in Kosavo)her major accomplishment is the destruction of the Middle East.Top5 world riches, Mr Slim,Mexican financier of Obama phone, will NOT support Latino-Cuban(Rubio-Cruz)candidate.Jeb Bush married to a Mexican.The riches Presidential candidate will win the election.

  • Delia
    14 April 2015 at 8:26 am - Reply

    There are millions of these insane and ignorant socialist liberals who will vote again to put another psychopath into the White House. It is why America is being destroyed from within. Corruption breeds more corruption. Presidents, Congressmen Senators and Judges have taken America into the depths of hell.

  • noz
    14 April 2015 at 9:34 pm - Reply

    nicholas is too pointless, pinpointing killery did this / that for the filipino community, the same way pitiful pelosi have promised the filipino vets voters, just to get their votes pelosi will do this / that, to secure the long overdue vets benefits. so what’s the outcome NOTHING / NADA. talks is so cheap, nicholas jumps with the killery bandwagon, to be taken for a ride to nowhere. nicholas mouthpiece spits – the elephants are against immigration reform, giving tax breaks to the rich are the same spits over / over again on election season, too superficial, full of hot air are the core of her reasonings, the same way she defended obobo was the one to do good for america, turnout to be the biggest blunder of all time, after all the damage obobo have done to america. the POTUS decisions in resolving issues must be for the good of the country, not for the good of certain interest groups, like the illegal aliens, the gays, militant tree huggers, etc.

    BTW, did she get her tax breaks from the elephants for being rich?, that’s why she is adamant against the pro rich, she claimed the elephant party favors? or its just pooh pooh of the mouth. taxations are done across the board, and do not discriminate between rich and poor, while obobo with his commie ideologues, the rich must pay hefty taxes is commie at best. so, did obobo’s wrath of hefty taxation among the 1% like herself paid way to the top taxes?, so obobo can finance all of his insane freebies handed out to the freeloaders / illegal aliens.