Fil-Am lawyers launch Filipino Voter Protection Project

A group of Filipino American lawyers are joining forces to make sure people are empowered and confident when it comes to casting their ballots. The effort comes amid growing concerns over election integrity as the presidential election day draws near. Steve Angeles has more.

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  • Mario
    16 October 2020 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    AT every TRUMP rally he always reminds voters to go out and VOTE, then drop their mail in Ballots directly at the polling places. UPS has a UNION labor dispute, never expect them to deliver the BALLOTs on time. TRUMP Party GOP failed to stop 80M mail-in Ballots and expecting rampant fraud, which is going on now. What is his solution? The SCourt will do most of the decision, once they fill up the vacancy. Most Democrat control State revised their BALLOT harvesting policy, Election volunteers enter the CARE HOME, allow the volunteer to fill up the ballot, now or later, once old folks sign the Ballot, harvest begins, then move to the next Care home. How will the Fil-Am lawyers monitor this? 95% of the media is anti-Trump, BIDEN average supporter is 10-30 attendee including his staff. TRUMP Rally in Florida, was 41K + 3 live screen total of 120K supporters. BIDEN depends on MainStreamMedia polls, Social Media censored GOP posting, including BIDEN corruption, TRUMP only chance is GROUND GAME, “Knocking the door” 2 Rally DAILY at 40 projected Rally. Remember On 2016, TRUMP Camp learned that they have a chance to win only 20 days before the election, then, 10 days before, they have a chance to reach 270 electoral votes. Only 19 days left, he has still a chance to catch up.His supporter hope his HEALTH can handle it until election day.

    • Arbi
      16 October 2020 at 4:23 pm - Reply

      Only an idiot like you, will drop his/her ballot at UPS. Fool! …. Vote!