Fil-Am lawmakers express disappointment over Republicans who stormed into an impeachment deposition

WASHINGTON DC — One day after the deposition of what could be the most damaging testimony yet against President Donald Trump in the impeachment inquiry into him had Trump and his supporters fighting back.

A top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine — Bill Taylor — alleged Trump’s quid pro quo dealings with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky were actually true.

The President fought back during a rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Wednesday – by taking jabs at Democrats.

These two Filipino-American lawmakers in Congress stressed that the impeachment inquiry process should work on its own.

“In a very solemn and serious matter, to how this president may or may not be abusing the constitution, may or may not be abusing his position of power, how he may or may not be trying to extort – these investigations are moving forward and truth will finally be revealed,” said Rep. TJ Cox of California.

“Let’s just wait for the committees to have done their job, then we’ll have reports and know what to do,” said Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia.

And that could mean either the inquiry would prove the president did nothing wrong or that there’s enough evidence of wrongdoing on the president’s part that congress could move forward with articles of impeachment.

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