Fil-Am kids learn heritage at unique summer camp

BERKELEY, Calif. – It’s a fun environment for children to learn and value their Filipino American identity.

The Sama Sama Cooperative is a collective of Fil-Am parents that organized a four-week summer camp for children ages five to ten years old in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Children were exposed to a Filipino curriculum that focuses on traditions, migration, art and Tagalog.

Lisa Juachon is one of five Pinay mothers who envisioned a summer camp where their children could be part of a community that took pride in their Filipino roots.

“Many times our children don’t really get to learn about their heritage or history till they get to college,” said Juachon. “As a parent, as a second-generation Filipino, my parents were immigrants, it was important for me to have my kids learn where they came from. They see their peers excited and learning about the same thing. Especially Tagalog, the language. They have so much fun with it. And they’re so proud. ”

Campers were able to learn a diverse variety of things such as writing in baybayin, making food, and playing sungka.

They also went on field trips to farms and the Oakland Zoo.

“How we move has history in it and its part of a larger network of people really doing hard work and making sure our culture, our identity continues to thrive and grow,” said Sama Sama teacher Rani Marcos.

Parents say they were surprised with how much their kids learned in the four-week camp.

“Not only was there a language component but there was a heritage component which I knew about but I didn’t get a sense of the variety and just level of exposure the kids had,” said Paul Ambrosio who kids go to Sama Sama Co-Op.

Even though the summer is over there are already plans for family field trips in the fall and a weekly after-school enrichment program to maintain the friendships and passion about their Pinoy heritage.

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  • Deneen
    20 September 2015 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    This will take off a massive layer of resistance towards affirmations.