Fil-Am Justin Sullivan sentenced to life in prison for alleged murder plot with ISIS

In North Carolina, a Filipino-American was recently sentenced to life in prison for plotting with the Islamic State terror group to kill 1,000 people in the US, according to federal investigators.

21-year-old Justin Sullivan was arrested in June 2015 for planning to kill people at a concert in Charlotte with an assault rifle that he was planning to buy at a gun show.

The FBI said Sullivan had elaborate plans to kill hundreds of innocent people to show his support for the terrorist organization.

It was Sullivan’s father, a retired Marine, who tipped off investigators. Authorities found an assault rifle, ski mask, and books related to warfare and weapons in the Sullivan home.

The Fil-Am is also a suspect in the 2014 killing of his neighbor, John Bailey Clark, whom he allegedly buried in a shallow grave.

Sullivan will later stand trial for this case and he could face the death penalty.

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