Fil-Am journalists promote Filipino restaurants in ‘Resto Raid’

NEW YORK — The Pinoy vegan tofu scramble is just one of the healthier options created by chef Jappy Afzelius at Tsismis NYC.

The Filipino executive chef incorporates French cooking techniques to create his own take on popular and favorite Filipino dishes.

That are delicious and Instagram ready, yet healthy enough to eat a whole lot of.

“The dishes have to be bright and colorful because nowadays, people start eating with their eyes.”

Chef Afzelius opened his kitchen to the Fil-Am Press Club of New York’s very first “Resto Raid” – for a sampling of what they have to offer at this Lower East Side neighborhood.

The Fil-Am Press Club of New York will be scouring the east coast to find more Filipino restaurants, taste their food and write about their delicious experiences.

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