Fil-Am is face of only Filipino heritage night celebration in college sports

BERKELEY, Calif. – “Humbled and blessed”

These are the words that Filipino American Brandon Chauca used to describe his feelings of playing NCAA Division One basketball for UC Berkeley.

Chauca is also once again the face of the only Filipino Heritage Night celebration in all of collegiate sports.

“Being one of the few Filipinos playing at the collegiate level is very humbling,” said Chauca. “I’m just proud to represent more than myself, more than my family – able to represent a whole culture.”

Chauca appeared in 22 games during his freshmen season with the Bears totaling 15 assists, 14 rebounds and 53 points, shooting 40 percent from the field.

He admits that he faces constant difficulty in a very competitive league.

“My minutes kind of went down towards the end of the season and this year I’m not really playing as much,” said Chauca. “But it’s really just staying ready, staying committed to the process, and being ready when my number is called.”

And while Chauca’s skills got him to Cal, he is also making sure to get the most out of his education at UC Berkeley.

“You really have to be consistent and really work hard and use all the necessary tools like tutors and specialists and office hours with professors and take advantage of everything because it is the number one public institution in the world so I’m just trying to make the most of it,” said Chauca.

The Bears currently have six wins and two losses and Chauca remains committed to ensure his team climbs to the top of the rankings by the end of the season.

“My goal has always been ‘win and everything else will take care of itself,” said Chauca. “Just be a team player, lead my team, help my teammates, be an extension of the coach on the floor, hopefully win a PAC-12 title.”

Filipino Heritage Night will be held on Saturday, December 19th as the Cal Bears take on Coppin State University.

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