Fil-Am INC members urged to air grievances amid scandal

By Balitang America Staff, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

July 23, 2015

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is one of the biggest and most influential Philippine religious groups, with over three million followers. INC’s churches are spread in over 100 countries, with at least thirty-nine churches in the United States alone. And recently, this high-profile group has been rocked with a scandal.

Balitang America has been contacted by U.S. members of the INC who claim that they were excommunicated for speaking up about supposed anomalies in the church. Others said they voluntarily cut ties with the INC.

The church made headlines recently after a brother of the current leader of the INC alleged rampant corruption in the religious organization. Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo said his older brother, Eduardo or “Eddie” not only changed the ways of the church, he claimed they have also been receiving threats from the INC’s Sanggunian or council of advisers.

An alleged excommunicated INC member forwarded a message to Balitang America with a call for help from the international media to expose human rights violations reportedly happening in the church, This allegedly involves the kidnapping of ten church ministers.

Balitang America is still to get in touch with these alleged ex INC members. For now, they are asking other U.S.-based INC members to make known their grievances.

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