Fil-Am hosts unity concert against bullying

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Aug. 14, 2014

HOLLYWOOD – A concert with a cause was spearheaded by a Filipina American.

Jade Archer, founder of anti-bullying organization Jade Against Bullying put on the first United We Jam concert featuring many young artists including Filipino acts who are taking a stand against bullying.

“I tried taking my life when I was 12, so it really means a lot,” Archer told the audience as she took to the stage.

Some of the acts themselves have overcome bullying, an epidemic that government officials say affects nearly one in every four youth. Yale University research shows that victims of bullying are up to nine times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims.

“Anti-bullying is a lot to us. We don’t always show that we’ve been bullied. We don’t show sadness when we come up but we really like to support this and it means a lot. We get to help with this cause,” said Fil-Am musician Brennan Bates of the band Signal City.

“It shows that people can be with each other and be kind and be considerate and sweet. It shows that unity is not hard to do and to have,” Archer said on the red carpet.

Archer is currently helping re-draft legislation in the City of Carson where an anti-bullying ordinance failed to pass earlier this year.

But while passing laws have proven to be challenging, Archer takes pride knowing that at each event messages of awareness and prevention can reach many of the attendees.

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