Fil-Am hits the streets in kidney hunt for ailing mom

By Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 18, 2014

VACAVILLE, Calif. – These days you see people on the street with signs advertising homes for sale or pizza buffets.
But you would not normally see a sign asking for a kidney.

Filipino-American Geoffrey Dinoso is seen on the streets of Vacaville, Calif. trying to find a kidney donor for his mother who is diagnosed with end-stage renal disease.

So Geoffrey dons the sign and walks the streets of Vacaville looking for potential donors.

The sign only asks for donors but Geoffrey is sometimes offered money which he denies every time.

He only asks those who are interested to please call his number that’s on the sign.

“I got the idea when I seen another man do the same thing for his wife,” said Geoffrey. “I read about it a long time ago actually. It was actually impulse that I did it.”

It was a quick trip to Walmart to grab two poster boards, some yarn, and some black jumbo markers to make a creative and effective sign to demonstrate the love a son has for his mother.

This is Geoffrey’s mother, Maria Dinoso.

Geoffrey accompanies his mother as she exercises almost every morning by walking their dog at this park near their home.

Maria is grateful for what Geoffrey is doing but did not know about until they were about to get interviewed by a local news station.

“He just came home one day and he told me Mom get ready we’re going to be on the news,” said Maria. “I said what did you do? He told me he made a sign and says mom needs a kidney and that a lot of people respond to it. I was shocked and I can’t believe he was doing things like that for me. But I was very touched and happy.”

Maria administers the dialysis treatment to herself at home. Despite the risk of infections, she says she likes the privacy of her home.

“I choose to do it at home because it’s more comfortable for me and if I do it in the clinic I have to go there three times a week and stay there for three hours a day,” said Maria.

Geoffrey is still finishing up his semester in college and has a job but that doesn’t stop him for being there for his mother.

“It just makes me feel good that I’m able to pay here back for all that she’s done for me,” said Geoffrey. “She’s been there for me my whole life and never abandoned me once. I can’t abandon her when she needs me.”

“I’m very blessed to have a son like him and I’m always praying he’s going to stay that way,” said Maria.

Three donors are currently being evaluated according to Maria’s UC Davis Living Donor Coordinator which makes them hopeful for a good match.

“So they’re all very happy about that,” said Maria. “Let’s cross our fingers we are going to get something from this. So hopefully soon.”

Geoffrey adds, “Of course we are looking for the best type for her so I’ll continue doing this as long as possible.”

For now, Geoffrey and his mom are continuing to be strong for each other.

And they say they do not take for granted all the people who hear their story and want to help them.

“I just want to thank everybody for all the support,” said Geoffrey. “It means a lot to myself and my family. I’m just really grateful.”

“Me too,” said Maria.

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