Fil-Am hip-hop artist raps for civil rights, against hate

BROOKLYN, NY — Richmond, Virginia hip-hop artist Noah-o has been putting a spotlight on these confederate statues through his rap music.

Three years ago, the Filipino-American emcee dropped an album called Monument Avenue.
Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia – is a tree-lined mall punctuated by confederate statues memorializing Virginian Confederate participants, including Robert E. Lee, Jeb Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Matthew Maury and Thomas Stonewall Jackson.
Noah-o says he grew up seeing what he calls symbols of hate everyday.

“You don’t go to Germany and the Hitler statue is illegal, you know… I’ve grown up in a place I see this everyday, it’s bizarre to think that these huge statues that remind people that you were supposed to be a slave,” he said. “You were not meant to be an equal with me.”

On Thursday, just a month after the clash in Charlottesville, VA, workers removed a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a park in Dallas, Texas.

A protest similar to Charlottesville scheduled in Richmond on Saturday was canceled.

“The people who organized it cancelled it because they didn’t want it to be like…it would have gotten worse, Virginia guns are like legal… it hurts to think that this is how my home is being viewed , there’s people in my own community that don’t see me and other people as equal, it hurts just to think that.”
A civil rights activist at heart, Noah-o says he will continue to provoke thought through rap and speak on social issues, while repping his Filipino pride.

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