Fil-Am health practitioner says trauma on children separated at the border could have widespread impact

Hundreds of migrant children remain separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border for these past few months.

Rosalie Gambito has been a nurse for over 30 years and she has seen and dealt with various kinds of trauma on children.

“We’re dealing with as a whole, as a whole meaning not just the physical, it’s emotional, it’s also including spiritual. And they are young. The foundation these kids are young, it’s a trauma for them.”

Today is the deadline U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw, of San Diego, set for the federal government to reunite children ages 5 to 17 with their parents.

On Tuesday, the government told the judge that 1,012 children had been reunited with their parents. All 1,637 families the government has deemed eligible they say, will be reunited by today.

But about 900 families are deemed ineligible for reunification by the government, either because the parent has a criminal record or the child has already been released to a different sponsor.

Also, in 463 cases, the parent has already left the U.S.

Either they were deported or have accepted voluntary removal.

The Trump administration is still trying to find those parents. The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, has offered to help via international NGOs.

“We were extremely troubled by the fact that of the 2,551 kids who were on the list we received, they do not even know who the parent is for 72 or 71 of those children,” said Atty. Lee Gelernt. “We’re not talking about not knowing the exact address of the parent that’s bad enough but they don’t even know who the parent is.”

In Washington D.C., activists and families took part in a march and a sit-in inside the Hart Senate office building. They are hoping to remind Americans that all children are human beings and deserve to be with their parents.

Meanwhile, the judge must still decide how long a parent due to be deported should be able to stay after they are reunited with their children.

The government says four days, while the ACLU representing the families is asking for 7 days.

Another unanswered issue, how will the children be reunited with their parents who have already been deported?

Both parties are due back before the judge on Friday.


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  • Mario
    28 July 2018 at 7:55 am - Reply

    Children welcome to America, our taxpayers money will take care of you, for the rest of your life, pay your foster parents,free medical bills,foods, housing, education, until you reach the age of 21.I wish you will learn how to work. Another thousand children arriving next month.The DEMOCRAT want OPEN BORDERS, abolished ICE,want more MS-13criminals to come in and be a future Democrat voters.Under Obama regime there were 89,000 separated children and until now we the taxpayers are paying for everything. The only solution to stop this mass migration is MID-TERM election.It needs 60 Votes to pass an IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL, Republican need additional 9-10 new Senators. History in the making today,Balitang Amerika does not want to published this. We have a GDP of 4.1%. Not a single year under OBAMA, the economy never reach 3% GDP.The Dems economist said impossible to get 3% GDP.Today Trump only 19 months old, America has an economic growth of 4.1% GDP highest since 2000. Again America is the envy of the world..