Fil-Am gym owner puts extra safeguards in place as COVID-19 cases rise in the Bay Area

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Dumb-bells, kettle-bells, and weighted plates  — that’s a lot of things to touch and hold, especially when multiple people use them a day here at the Full-Grip Barbell Gym in south San Francisco.

Fil-Am Mark Moore and his wife Cat started their business back in 2011 — and now that their gym is open for the first time in three months, they have mixed feelings about it.

“It’s great. We’re pretty excited because it feels like we’re re-starting a new business because we’ve been closed for so long.”

“Excited and a little fearful at the same time just because of this virus and it’s kind of the unknown. And there’s a lot of high-risk athletes, some of them are high risk with their health issues as well as with coach mark. So I was worried on that end. So we had to take a lot of safety precautions.”

Those safety precautions include having temperature checks, the option of using masks during workouts, and making sure equipment is regularly cleaned and sanitized.

“We make sure they clean up for the next portion of the workout. We set up a bunch of cleaning products for each station. One of the things too is we marked the floor so they can keep that six-foot distance.”

“We always had that to clean and just to wipe your stuff down but I think here now we’re more strict. We were a little more relaxed back then but now, no, you have to wipe your stuff down.”

But even with all the new safety protocols in place — the Moores said not all of their clients have returned.

“50/50. I’m not going to force people. If they have that fear of coming in because of it then so be it. We respect that. And the ones eager to come in it’s all about us reminding them that we need to really come together and do the right thing.”

With California pulling back on the reopening of some indoor businesses amid the widespread spike in coronavirus cases — the Moores are concerned that gyms would once again be shut down.

Nonetheless, they understand that it would be necessary to keep people safe.

And despite not being eligible for any government grants — they are confident that their business will be able to tough it out amid the pandemic.

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