Fil-Am gun owners split over Obama’s executive orders on gun control

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – While critics have voiced their opposition to the president, some Filipino American gun owners are divided on President Barack Obama’s newly announced executive orders for tighter gun restrictions.

Administrative assistant Christian Castro, 30, has been a gun enthusiast since he was 17. While he feels that gun laws are already restrictive enough, especially in California which is known to have the tightest gun laws, he says he understands the president when it comes to his executive orders.

“It’s not a waste of time to expand background checks,” said Castro. “I’m totally fine with that. I still have to wait my 10 days for them to do my background check but to argue if it’s an infringement on our second amendment rights is pointless because we will still be able to obtain our guns it’s going to be harder but for law-biding citizens it’ll be no problem at all.”

He also agrees with closing the gun show loophole.

“I see nothing wrong with that because we don’t know who’s selling them or who’s buying them but anything further than that it’s just too much,” said Castro.

Meanwhile at Jackson Arms Shooting Range and Gun Shop in South San Francisco manager Mark Gunselman says that the president’s executive orders will not make much of a difference in gun safety.

“It wouldn’t stop anything,” said Gunselman. “It only stops people that follow the law. I believe in defending myself. In America we don’t want to have a police state where a cop is on every corner or there’s a camera in every corner watching us.”

Gunselman does agree that other things need to be done other than restricting firearms.

“The mental health – yeah, that is a big issue,” said Gunselman. “Technology in guns I’m not too much a fan of. It’s like when it comes to cars – too much technology more things go on.”

Castro and Gunselman both believe that these executive orders are not the answer to stopping gun violence but they do offer one solution.

Gunselman said, “In my opinion, better parenting. It’s kids that learn to respect gun or even have a parent there to guide them. It’s one of those things that can prevent a lot of things.”

According to Gunselman due to the constant gun debate, Jackson Arms sales have risen over fear that buying guns will become more difficult in the future.

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