Fil-Am Gina Ortiz Jones wins Democratic runoff in Texas

Gina Ortiz Jones is one step closer to making history in various ways.

The Filipina American won the Democratic nomination for Texas’ 23rd House district, defeating former high school teacher Rick Trevino 68 percent to 32 percent.

This means she will get to face two-term GOP representative Will Hurd in November. If elected, Ortiz Jones will be the first lesbian, first Iraq war veteran, and first Filipina-American to represent Texas in the US Congress.

While grateful for bagging the democratic nomination, Ortiz Jones says she and her team will continue the work they’ve been doing to win big in November.

She talked to BA on the phone this morning, and said she and her team’s focus would be the same.

“Our focus would be the same. We’re going to continue to travel this large district, asking the voters about the issues that matter to them, and frankly showing them that I’m the best person that will represent them in Congress.”


Ortiz Jones also said based on her outreach to the community, the top concern of people is healthcare. Her priority is ensuring that people have the resources to live a healthy life.

“The number one issue in the district continues to be healthcare. People are very concerned about the cost of healthcare, having access to quality healthcare. This is a large district and so much of it is rural and people are very reliant on their community health clinics, very reliant on programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Chip.”

The 37-year old faces a tough task. She is up against a two-term Republican incumbent with a lot more money in a district that leans Republican.

But Ortiz Jones is hopeful that she has the community rallying behind her.

“There are opportunities to volunteer, to make phone calls, because it’s all hands on deck and that it’s going to require everyone’s support.”


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  • Mario
    24 May 2018 at 4:59 am - Reply

    All main stream media, and conservative Fox media, never mentioned that Gina Ortiz Jones is a Fil-Am candidate, instead the media said she is the first open gay, Hispanic candidate. Maybe the reason for that is, telling to the voters that she is a Fil-Am candidate will not win votes and 23rd House District is predominantly Hispanic voters. I wish she could deliver her campaign speeches in Spanish……