Fil-Am Gabbi Pascua wins back-to-back Daytime Emmys for Best Makeup Artist

Behind these flawless looks and glowing smiles on the talk is a Filipino American makeup artist making waves in the industry.

While Gabbi Pascua is rarely seen beyond the makeup room, the Academy recognizes her as an Emmy winner.

The 30-year-old just picked up her second straight Daytime Emmy in the best makeup category.

“As a makeup artist, we’re so used to being behind the scenes and we are not really recognized. A good makeup artist is not seen from what I’ve been told so to be recognized and celebrated is so humbling.”

From red carpets, to award shows, movies, and television sets, with a break from actress and producer Sarah Gilbert, Pascua has helped stars shine.

Known as the millennial beauty expert, the San Francisco Bay Area-born and raised Pascua said her own family was the first to notice her talents and skills, and that boosted her confidence to try it out in Hollywood at 19 years old after graduating from beauty school.

“As a teenager I would come home or go to my aunt’s house and whenever I would go my aunts were like I really like your eyeshadow and make up, can you do my make up for this party this weekend.”

Pascua also takes extra pride in using eco-friendly makeup and beauty products.

“This win means a lot more to me too because I was using all natural green beauty on camera and that not traditionally what they recommend for HD, it’s more off camera looks and more for your day to day but I was asked to use clean all natural products and for me to get recognized alongside artists that are using more of the contemporary and mainstream brands that are made for camera, for me to have my work match that everyday on live television using straight pigments I was cocktailing different pigments and cocktails to be on camera, from an artist stand point it means a lot more to me. Like oh my God, I actually did it with green beauty.”

2019 was Pascua’s 5th and final season on the talk.

Right before the pandemic shut down most Hollywood productions, she was taking on new projects, including a music video for Jess Connelly.

Pascua is now developing as her own beauty brand ‘Suit’, hoping to help shift the conversation.

:To talk about more than just make-up. We want to be able to celebrate everyone’s identity and how they identify with beauty and celebrate culture.”

And as she waits for Hollywood to fully reopen, Pascua is also looking to expand her talents and skills — studying to be an aesthetician, continuing to bring her makeup game to even greater heights.

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