Fil-Am Floridians brace for Hurricane Dorian

According to the National Hurricane Center, the slow moving storm, nicknamed Hurricane Dorian, looks to make landfall in the south Florida area where president Donald Trump’s beachfront Mar-a -lago resort is located.

It is also where 22,000 Filipinos live, according to the 2010 U.S. census.

Forecasters expect the storm to reach category 4 over the weekend, with winds at more than 130 miles per hour.

As of Friday, the National Hurricane Center expects it will hit Florida as early as sunday morning.

The most recent devastating storm to hit Florida was hurricane michael last year which decimated towns like Panama City where many Filipinos live.

According to Philippine embassy officials in Washington DC, who are monitoring the storm, there are more than 143,000 individuals of Filipino origin in Florida.

Anyone requiring the embassy’s assistance can call 202-368-2767.

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