Fil-Am filmmaker premieres short at Tribeca Film Fest

NEW YORK — Filipino American filmmaker Dean Colin Marcial’s pilot episode of “The Midnight Service” premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.

“The Midnight Service” is among the short-form programs screened at the Tribeca Now showcase.

The film is a documentary-style true crime series that explores mysteries, urban legends, famous criminals, occult pop culture, and first hand accounts of the unknown.

DC Marcial is also a recipient of Tribeca Film Institute’s all-access grant, so he can produce a feature film called The Green Guerillas.

The Green Guerillas... I’m calling it a ‘sweet spaghetti western’ about the rise and fall of an ecoterrorism group in the Philippines,” Marcial said. “I wanted to make a big story on an independent film budget, and I have roots in the Philippines… so I thought like what better way to make a first feature than come home for it.”

Marcial says, that the $10,000 grant from Tribeca will go a long way in his new found love for film-making.”

“I grew up like middle class like in Manila, I came over here when I was a kid… you know, I don’t have any connections in the industry. I’m not independently wealthy, so getting recognition in having the Tribeca Film Institute sponsor and kind of give my work recognition,  it’s gonna be an invaluable…to the work that I’m trying to do.”

Marcial says he could not be an actor, so he decided to start a career in writing and directing instead, starting at the very bottom, and worked his way up to the director’s chair.

“I interned here ten years ago, and I was here,” he said. “I was going to screenings, I was setting up mic for Don Cheadle, for like panels, so I can’t even process this right now…”

The 28-year-old award winning filmmaker has just finished a draft of the screenplay for The Green Guerillas.

Marcial has a month to finalize the script before full production begins in the Philippines.



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